Monday November 1

Same routine as yesterday morning except made the trip by Canter, which holds 21 people. So basically a group Safari vs a private safari. The advantage of a Canter is that it sits high and thus better viewing but its not worth it to do a group safari, it is too noisy.

We saw sambar, nilgai, chinkara, crocodile, sloth bear pair, red crested woodpecker.

In the afternoon we went by car to the Ranthambore Fort. It is an old rambling fort covering a very large area, including several water source in the form of large ponds inside the walls. It is mostly in dilapidated condition but certainly worth the trip.

For dinner the chef prepared a special dinner for us, the service at this resort is really wonderful and the facilities clean and well maintained.

A few of the staff worth mentioning are:
Site Manager -
Chef -
Food Manager -
Waiter/Bartender -- Ramswarup.
17 yr old Bangali waiter - Ganesh Pal, who appointment himself as our personal server.

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