Saturday November 13

The new Airport at Delhi is really nice but unfortunately having just opened was a chaos.

Our flight was AI 127 777-300-ER.

All AI flights delayed by 2+ hours at Delhi. Our flight is 4 hours late as of now.

Eventually left at 7:30 am, 5 hours and 50 mins late. AI had no staff to explain the delay, no food or water, basically zero service.

Arrived 11:35am at O'Hare, took Coach USA to Racine stop where son met and picked us up and brought us home.

Sudip's luggage did not come for a week after we landed and nobody knew or would give us any information on tracking it. Everyone that I contacted in NY or Chicago denied any responsibility with "it is not my department".

One man in Chicago asked me "couldn't you afford a better airline, then you wouldn't have such problems".

The luggage arrived by UPS, a week later uninsured, which was - yes a relief.

No very happy with the ground staff.

The trip overall was wonderful as always.

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