Sunday October 24

Went to meet Kaku at Bombay Gymkhana Club, visited for a while and had lunch there.

I had Indian white wine Four Seasons, which the waiter suggested and didn't much care for it. There are many much better ones.
The day was very pleasant, spending time with Kaku is always a pleasure. He is so full of energy and life at 80+ and brings joy to those around him.
Everyone, including us love him and enjoy his company. Sudip felt bad that he came by train all the way from Pune just to spend the day with us but that is so Kaku and that is why he is so well loved by all.
In the afternoon went shopping at Pantaloons, R Mall, with my two fashion consultants.
Stopped by for dinner at Dinner at Urban Tadka, located in the mall itself.

Food. A-
Service B+

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