Thursday October 21, Friday October 22.

Thursday Oct 21
Chicago to Mumbai via Frankfurt on Air India
Aircraft - 777-300 ER.

The aircraft was quite new, however my video terminal did not work and showed signs of poor t bad maintenance There was as much leg space as can be expected in Economy Class. The food and service was quite good, the flight was smooth and took off on and landed on time at Frankfürt.

The Frankfürt airport was very busy, it had paid wireless that was quite expensive. At the security check on boarding, I got stopped for an unopened bottle of Keopectate and hubby's camera flash in my carryon, both of which had made it in from Chicago without any incident in my carry on.

After testing for residues on the camera flash and figuring out that the Keopectate was a medicine in a factory sealed bottle I was allowed to proceed.

Friday October 22
The flight landed on time in Mumbai. The service and the food was good on this leg of the trip as well.

It took almost 2 hours to get our luggage and would have taken even longer had it not been for some helpful passenger escalating it up. They found that one container of luggage was left on the tarmack and had not even been opened.

Mousum and Tinku, had been waiting a long time and we finally went to their flat in Thane. I saw the twins after 10 years and they are still as lovely and sweet as I remember them.

After a sumptuous home cooked dinner, we retired for the night.

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