Wednesday October 27

Breakfast at the hotel.
The manager from the local agency came to see us off and make sure everything had gone well.

Left for Jaisalmir by road, a distance of 298 kms to be covered in 5 hrs.
On the way we passed Lake Kaylana and the water filtration plant.

Saw Demoiselle cranes near the town of Lowan, they had just arrived from Siberia.

Stopped at the Pokaran Fort, it is rather small not worth a detour.

Lunch - Pokaran Desert Resort
Service - B
Food - B

As we were leaving our server stopped us and asked if we were Bengali. It turned out that he is a Bengali as well from Siliguri, has been there since age 17, and was going back in two months for good. We wished him success in his next venture.

Arrived Jaisalmir at 1:45 pm and met Jitendra our guide for this city at the Gorband Palace Hotel, which was going to be our home for tonight and tomorrow. It is hard to give him any more than a C, he lacked Ragu's energy and interest. He wanted us to finish the paperwork before we had a chance to go to our rooms, so he could go back sooner.

After about and hour, Jitendra met us to show us the sights.
Godi Sagar Lake - Interesting history, nice monuments, water and surrounding very dirty.

Proceeded on to Barabagh Hills where the Royal Chattris are. A very interesting experience which could not be marred by the an idiot guide escorting another tour group.

We went to the Himmatgarh Hotel's terrace to watch the sunset. It was too hazy for sunset viewing but it was a peaceful and enjoyable vista. Viyas Chattri and Fort were in view. I had a great fresh lime soda while enjoying the tranquility.

Jitendra escorted us to Hotel Narayan Nivas Palace for dinner and left for home. The dinner was served on the terrace and the view was a definite B+. I had Sula a Indian Red wine, that was decent. The food and service did not meet our expectation or come close to what we have received so far.

Food - D
Service - D.
After dinner Kuldeep drove us back to the Gorband Palace Hotel( # 131) to retire for the night.


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